Saddle Girths


Christ Lammfelles saddle girths/ cinches from the Horse dream serie are all handmade of genuine lamb wool on the side facing the horse. The opposite side of the girth is made of strong and durable twill fabric that withstands hard dirt for a long time.

The buckles on the saddle girths are made of stainless steel and are therefore very durable. Because the wool is in direct contact with the horse's skin, Christ's saddle girths tenderly embrace the horse. The saddle girths have a breathable function and even out temperature differences.

Even in warm temperatures, the sweat spreads well and the horse stays dry in the saddle girth area. Christ's saddle girthss are also suitable for horses with sensitive skin, as they are made of lamb wool, they have an antibacterial effect. The lamb wool height is about 30 mm.

Our Horse dream girths are anatomically shaped and are available for both english riding and western riding. Our short and long girths for dressage, jumping, eventing and western saddles are available in different models to meet the different needs and special physical functions.

Our Horse dream cinches / lamb wool western girths, adapted for western saddles, have been specially designed to meet the distinctive features of western riding and the needs and physical functions of western horses.


Horsedream saddlepads 6661_62 Sadelgjordar  Horsedream saddlepads 6664_64-Contour-girth-Anthracite-Natural Sadelgjordar  Horsedream saddlepads 6669_64 Sadelgjordar  Horsedream saddlepads 6666_62-Contour-girth-long-black-natural Sadelgjordar


Horsedream saddlepads 6678_77 Sadelgjordar  Horsedream saddlepads 6678_62 Sadelgjordar

Horsedream saddlepads Tillbutiken-1 Sadelgjordar

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