Numnahs & Saddle Cloths


Horsedream serie of Christ Lammfelle numnahs and saddle cloths of genuine lamb wool for dressage, jumping and eventing to meet the needs of each horse and rider. Thanks to the loving attention to details, it is possible to optimize the practical benefits of all our models, which means that the rider can now sit even closer to his horse.

The Numnahs and saddle cloths can be easily attached to the saddle with velcro. Another detail on these numnahs / cloths is the high cut at the withers which ensures maximum comfort and that the saddle fits perfectly on the horse's back. An additional advantage is the nylon-reinforced protection at the girth area to prevent chafing.

Some of our models:


Horsedream saddlepads 5202_12-White-Natural-Vojlock-Champ-D Vojlocks & SchabrakHorsedream saddlepads 5232_62-Black-Natural-Vojlock-Champ-D-1-4-Edging Vojlocks & SchabrakHorsedream saddlepads 5402_62-Black-Natural-Vojlock-Standard-D-Full-Edging Vojlocks & SchabrakHorsedream saddlepads 5742_62-Black-Natural-Saddlecloth-Special-D Vojlocks & SchabrakHorsedream saddlepads 5502_62-Black-Natural-Vojlock-Special-D Vojlocks & Schabrak


Horsedream saddlepads 5234_62-Black-Natural-Vojlock-Champ-Eventing-1-4-Edging Vojlocks & SchabrakHorsedream saddlepads 5704_62-Black-Natural-Saddlecloth-Champ-Eventing Vojlocks & SchabrakHorsedream saddlepads 5504_72-Brown-Natural-Vojlock-Special-Eventing Vojlocks & Schabrak


Horsedream saddlepads 5500_72-Brown-Natural-Vojlock-Special-Jumping Vojlocks & SchabrakHorsedream saddlepads 5200_62-Black-Natural-Saddlecloth-Champ-Jumping Vojlocks & SchabrakHorsedream saddlepads 5700_62-Black-Natural-Saddlecloth-Champ-Jumping Vojlocks & Schabrak

Horsedream saddlepads Tillbutiken-1 Vojlocks & Schabrak

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