Western pads


With our unique Christ Lammfelle western pads it will be twice as fun for horse and rider. The underside of the pad is handmade with soft genuine lamb wool and helps to minimize the pressure on the horse's back. The upper side is made of durable and strong cotton twill.

Our Christ western pads are completely covered with lamb wool on the underside of a height of 20 or 30 mm. Western pads with cutback and different designs - regular standard shape, butterfly shaped and round shape for all types of western saddles.

All western pads have pockets for our special composite foam inserts. These can be used for individual adaptation so that the saddle pad sits comfortably on the horse's back according to his fit. The rider can then react quickly and flexibly to every physical change in the horse and adapt the western pad if necessary.

An extra plus is the addition of the western pad's extra strong nylon protection to the saddle girth area to prevent chafing.

Horsedream saddlepads 6126_62 Westernpaddar  Horsedream saddlepads 6130_62 Westernpaddar  Horsedream saddlepads 6140_72-Brown-Natural-Western-pad-Roundskirt Westernpaddar

Westernpad Westernpad Butterfly Westernpad Roundskirt

Horsedream saddlepads Tillbutiken-1 Westernpaddar

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