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Horsedream saddlepads 8003_00d2 Tvättråd  The recommended cleaning of the sheepskin and of the lamb wool products in three simple steps.


Our Christ Lammfelle sheepskin and lamb wool products can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees celsius in the wool program. Please make sure not to overload the machine, and the products have not spun too fast. Attach all velcro fasteners before washing. You should wash all of the products that contain metal in a laundry bag.


We strongly recommend that you use our C C7 detergent for sheepskin and the sheep's wool. Tvättmedlet is eco-friendly, and one of the concentrates are specially made for optimal performance using our products. Depending on the amount of dirt, we recommend that you use 30 to 50 ml of C7 for each 10 gallons of water for hand washing, or on any program in the washing machine. The addition of a default, fabric softener will help to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Laundry detergent that is normally used for clothes and hair are not suitable for washing sheepskin/lamb wool, so please check to ensure it is not detergent left behind in the washing machine, and remove what you are finding.


After washing program, you can dry our lambskin products in your dryer at a temperature up to 40 degrees C. The leather moving around in the dryer, helping to maintain the softness and elasticity. Alternatively, you can lay the wool outside in the shade to dry in the fresh air.

Make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight and not near a source of heat, as this may make the lambskin ruff. Take the lambskin to regular form while it dries. As soon as the sheepskin/wool is dry, you can brush it off with our brush or take the lambskin with our cam to for sheepskin, in order to make it perfectly smooth again.


All of the Horsedream Bareback pads can be washed at a low temperature (30 degrees c) in the wool program with our custom C7 detergent. This specially formulated detergent to the preservation of the natural and the oils in the skin and keeping it soft and supple. You can also tumbledry at a low temperature (30 degrees c), or lay out flat to dry, wool side up.

Basic PLUS model fits into a household washing machine.
The Premium PLUS Iberica PLUS and Cloud Spezial, is divided into two sections, the upper section (where the rider is sitting) doesn't have to be washed. The bottom part will fit in a household washing machine.

Before you wash, all foam pieces needs to be taken off - liners, front cantle, knee rolls, etc
Brush after washing, when your bareback pad is completely dry. This will reset the sheepskin fibres and keep the bareback pad fluffy so it looks as good as new. You can also brush it between washes to reduce washing needs. Wait for the mud, sweat, dirt, etc., are dry, simply brush. (A brush and a detergent is included with the purchase of the bareback pad). Lambskin is easy to care for and display visibility any time. You can also swomp of the panels.

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