Saddle pads


Our Christ Lammfelle high-quality saddle pads made of genuine lamb wool give both the rider and the horse joy for many years. The functional design allows optimal fit to harmonize with sporty elegance. Because it is possible to attach the pad to the saddle, it prevents uncomfortable slipping. It also ensures maximum protection of the horse's back.

Each horse's back is unique, which is why our saddle pads come with and without lamb wool edge at the back and also in different sizes. The depth of the lamb wool is normally about 30 mm.


Horsedream saddlepads 5120_64-Black-Anthracite-Halfpad-Standard-edging Sadelpaddar Horsedream saddlepads 5102_12-White-Natural-Halfpad-Ultra Sadelpaddar

Our half pad saddle pads of high-quality genuine lamb wool and with lamb wool edge at the back also offers extra stability for the saddle pad and at the same time a nice decoration that appeals to the eye. Halfpad saddle pads are also available in the model without lamb wool edge at the back. It is no problem at all to use these simple half pads without wool edge under different saddles with different seat sizes.


Horsedream saddlepads 5792_62-Black-Natural-Quantum Sadelpaddar Horsedream saddlepads 5790_72-Brown-Natural-Portuguesa Sadelpaddar

With our unique leisure saddle pads also suited iberian/spanish saddles it will be twice as fun for horse and rider. The underside of the pad is handmade with soft genuine lamb wool and helps to minimize the pressure on the horse's back. The upper side is made of durable and strong cotton twill.

All saddle pads have pockets for our special composite foam inserts. These can be used for individual adaptation so that the saddle pad sits comfortably on the horse's back according to his fit. The rider can then react quickly and flexibly to any physical change in the horse and adapt the saddle pad if necessary. An extra plus is the addition of the saddle pad's extra strong nylon protection to the saddle girth to prevent chafing.


Horsedream saddlepads 5212_72-Brown-Natural-Champ-bomlos Sadelpaddar Horsedream saddlepads 5512_62-Black-Natural-Special-bomlos Sadelpaddar

Our special saddle pads suited for treeless saddles has a unique shape and is semi-lined or fully lined with genuine lamb wool to a height of 30 mm at the seat and 15 mm at the sides, which ensures that the rider is close to the horse. The saddle pads have pockets for our composite foam inserts for individual adjustment.


Horsedream saddlepads 6380xh_72 Sadelpaddar Horsedream saddlepads 6385_72 Sadelpaddar Horsedream saddlepads 6380_72-1 Sadelpaddar Horsedream saddlepads 5212_62-Black-Natural-Champ-bomlos Sadelpaddar

We have matching special saddle pads to our bareback pads/bareback saddles, Basic Plus & Premium Plus, Premium Plus XH, Iberica Plus and Special Plus. With special pockets for the sides on the bareback pad. The saddle pads can be secured by inserting the covers and they fit perfectly on the horse's back. Thanks to the saddle pads' therapeutic effect, they help reduce pressure and stimulate blood circulation.

Horsedream saddlepads Tillbutiken-1 Sadelpaddar

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