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About us

Vi är ett litet familjeföretag inriktat på hästars välbefinnande med produkter för hästens skull och som dessutom är hållbara och miljövänligt framställda. lHarmonyhorse-hastbutik erbjuder produkter och produktinformation för Christ Lammfelle/ Werner Christ Horse the high-quality lamb skin products with genuine wool and leather. Our product range includes bareback pads/ bareback saddles, saddle pads, leg- and tail protection, saddle girths and accessories for horse and rider from award-winning Werner Christ in Germany.

A swedish study has shown that sheep/lamb wool gives the best pressure distribution, therefore, Christs high-quality products should be an obvious choice for the horse's sake!

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Our ultimate bareback pads can be used instead of a standard saddle and allows your horse full movement and comfort, as well as helping horses with a back problems, and the rider with the seat.

Christ bareback saddles has set a new standard when it comes to riding feeling and riding therapy. The tests carried out by independent expert riders and therapists, have confirmed the beneficial properties and the effect of the these bareback pads of the rider and the horse. The close contact to the horse, giving a strong interconnect where you feel the horse's heat and movements.

Christ bareback pads are ideally suited for the training of young horses, for horses with sensitive backs, in order to improve the rider's seat and balance, for the horse with saddle problem, for the horses that are going to start working after rehabilitation or damage, and of course, for the sheer joy of riding bareback with close contact to the horse.

Horsedream Bareback pads/bareback saddles/sheepskin saddles and accessories has been developed by Christ Lammfelle, in Germany, under strict quality control, a lot of which are well-known for its light weight and durable sheepskin and lambskin products. It has won many awards for the protection of the environment, its self-sufficient and produces of zero pollution.

Christ Bareback saddles are organic, made from 100 % Merino lamb wool and are made to the highest quality specifications. The bareback pads is cleverly designed to provide maximum comfort for the horse and rider. They are flexible, easy to care for and extremely durable.

Lammullsprodukter is very hard-wearing and easy to keep clean they do not provide a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. They neutralize acids and the smell is naturally dirt-repellent, it has the ability to carry moisture and, therefore, the hygiene in every sense of the word.

Lamb wool is used because of its tighter wool and features a high therapeutic value. The wool is conducive to the circulation and is temperature balancing. It reduces the saddle pressure, is shock-absorbing and prevent the development of wounds.

The lambskin products has been designed to easily withstand normal washing in the machine at a low temperature.

Note:! Not a single sheep or lamb are slaughtered for their skins, or their wool, but it is a waste product of the slaughter production of the meat.

NYHET är att vi tagit in hästprodukter av tyska sadelmakeriet La Selle. Inom kort kommer vi saluföra deras filtsadlar, kapson/cavessons, tyglar, longerlina och schabrak. Produkterna är handgjorda i deras eget sadelmakeri av högkvalitativt läder.

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