Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Why are the Horsedream products so special?

All Horsedream products are made of the finest, cleanest sheepskin and lamb wool and are made with the highest quality requirements. lamb wool has a high therapeutic value for it promotes circulation and is temperature balancing.

Lamb wool reduces saddle pressure and prevents the onset of wounds. In addition, lamb wool is not a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, and it neutralize acids and smells as well as is naturally smearrepellent.

Sheepskin and lamb wool are easy to care for and durable. All products are practically designed to easily cope with normal washing in the machine and even drying tumling!

All Horsedream products have been produced by Christ Lamfelle in Germany under strict quality checks, by a tannery that has won a large number of awards for environmental protection and has been established with a high reputation since 1954.

What’s so special about lamb wool?

Lamb wool is a natural product, has full breathability, is suitable for both summer and winter use and is excellent from a hygiene point of view because it is naturally bacterial resistant.

Horsedream’s lamb wool products have been carefully created to be very easy to manage and involve if anything, less work than horse products made from other substances.

The softening of the lamb wool against the horse’s skin will help the horse feel comfortable, remove any pressure from the saddle and encourage the horse to move freely.

It will help prevent sweating or chafing, and help the horse in its ability to perform and respond to the rider’s request. The horse just feels what you want it to feel, i.e. you as a rider and not uneven pressure from the equipment.

How easy-to-care are the Horsedream products?

Riding horses makes things dirty and sweaty. You only need to sniff the Horsedream products and easily wash them in washing machines at 30 degrees on wool washing and dry afterwards.

We strongly recommend that you use cleansers for sheepskin. If you don’t want to dry, you can instead stretch out the product flat to dry. Reshape the product several times through the drying process. Don’t forget to remove inlays before washing.

How fast do I get my delivery?

The delivery time is normally 5-7 working days. The products are sent with PPD traceable within whole European Union.

Longer delivery time may occur if your color or size is temporarily out of stock with the supplier. If so, you’ll be contacted about it.

Do you send in the whole Scandinavia?

Actually within whole EU, freight-free and traceable.

What do I do if the product breaks?

As a customer, you always have the right to claim and Harmony Horse offer 1 year product guarantee. However, normal wear and tear does not apply. If your product has broken, it is repaired or replaced. Contact me at anneli@dansamedhastar.nu  before sending the product back. Send recommended when you are responsible for the commodity until it arrives.


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