What Christ Lammfelle says about their organisation

What Christ Lammfelle says about their organisation

We are a German family-owned company with production facilities in Germany, Uruguay and in the Philippines and all over the world through the special stores for the specific product line. We have been producing high-quality leather and sheepskin products for over 50 years and since the early 1990s our expertise has also been used in the product range of medical sheepskins.


Our own tannery is one of the most modern in the world and gives us ideal conditions for treating the sheepskin in its raw state with a special process. We only choose the very best raw materials for our range of products – everything we manufacture in our own premises – and we guarantee a consistently high level of quality.

Our tannery has received many awards from environmental organizations in recent years for our exemplifying facilities and its equipment as well as working conditions. We are the only tannery in the world that we know about that does not emit any toxins into the environment. We also refuse any involvement with the export of live animals.

We use renewable energy sources to heat water. Tanneries need large amounts of water. Our Toryal tannery uses 120,000 litres of water every day, which must first be heated to a temperature of 80°C. This requires 3,600 litres of heat oil every day but since 2005 we have been striving for the ambitious goal of completely transitioning to renewable energy sources. This goal has been a reality since 12 April 2007.

The first step was to build a solar power plant, which immediately provided savings of 20%. At the same time, there were eucalyptus trees planted, and today there are about 600,000 trees over an area covering 380 hectares. A fast-track machine makes wood chips from the wood, and these chips help not only optimize combustion but also reduce the wood needed by 5% compared to burning logs.

The naturally occurring CO2 emissions from the combustion process are compensated by the new trees planted. Toryal thus does not provide carbon dioxide emissions and has secured its renewable energy source over the next 50 years – an important contribution to protecting the environment.

After tanning and while it is still wet, the leather side is buffered by hand until smooth, plain and silky. The skins are then dried and using special machines ”plate” they (a similar process is to iron), combs and skins and get in its finished shape. They are then sorted according to quality class.

All skins are put through several processes only in the pre-production phase before continuing to be made into finished products. For example, each sheepskin is thoroughly examined and classified according to its special use before being sent to the production department.

Each skin is unique and different in terms of the structure of wool and leather. All involved processes are performed exclusively by trained specialists to ensure that the sheep skin is used in the best possible way. With experienced experts critically reviewing each step, skins are then cut in size by hand using special leather knives.

Special attention is paid to the structure of the seams when the products are manufactured so that they cannot give rise to any pressure points. All products are made by hand with special leather and pelsy machines.

The final inspection means that the product has been investigated for any deficiencies and all excess threads and protruding hair removed. The product is then noticeable and packed appropriately for shipping.

Declaration of approval from Tanning School in Reutlingen

CHRIST sheepskin holds an approval decision issued by the Tanning Schools Research Institute in Reutlingen. This ensures that all products manufactured in the TORYal S.A. christ tannery have been tested for harmful substances and produced in accordance with environmentally friendly methods.


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